It’s Pride – and everyone is included.

This year’s Pride event in London commemorates the 50th anniversary of the original Pride March in the UK and unites the collective past, present, and future of Pride from every corner of the LGBT+ community, culminating with a powerful statement of shared experience.

It’s #AllOurPride.

Pride in London’s #AllOurPride. Campaign connects the present with five decades of powerful LGBT+ moments, celebrations, and historic community events in London. with a core focus on the importance of the Pride March.

It commemorates the LGBT+ community’s fight for respect, decriminalisation of love, and the challenging but ultimately victorious battles around Section 28 and the ban on gay men donating blood.

In a time of tremendous adversity for the LGBT+ community on many fronts, #AllOurPride reflects the multitude of battles we have been fighting as a country and as a city.

It also offers a platform to the LGBT+ community’s ongoing struggles, such as the fight to ensure a ban on conversion therapy for all members of the LGBT+ community.


Campaign Manifesto

It’s been 50 years of marching in London for pride

But Pride in London, recently, has caused a divide 

So it’s time now we look back to start anew.

Peel off the logos and get back to our roots.

Because Pride In London isn’t about us, or being ‘seen’.

It’s about you who march, those who can’t. It always has been.

Because London has changed a lot 

but the reasons to march have not.

We were all there when the flag was first flown

All there when newspapers made villains of heroes.

All there screaming STOP when section 28 was passed

All there making sure it would never last.

In fact we shared these streets

Until we decriminalised love

Fought for the right for all to give blood

Demanded workplaces treat us with respect

Celebrated our joy in ways they’d never expect

Rising up when they ignored the “gay cancer”

And refusing to accept death as the answer

Because our reality is not a ‘condition’

And all our genders deserve recognition

We marched for the right to walk down the aisle

And we march still, with a knowing smile.

Because these streets are paved in queer history

But more importantly – all our queer victories.

But now it’s time to hold our arms out to call, 


To become one, to protect all.

To come together and demand our rights,

Fight ‘til us trans folk no longer fear for our lives.

To take to the streets of this great London town

Against the crimes on those of us who are black and brown

To banish the secrecy, prejudice and shame

Make autonomy of our intersex bodies ours to claim

To raise our fists and shout till we’re hoarse

Until conversion therapy is banned FOR ALL


But most importantly

This year we pass the torch to you…

To the next generation. 

To the new.

There’s only one rule you need to abide:

There is no Pride without us all.

Without us all there should be no Pride.

There are more than a million of us standing 

behind each person on those streets

We’ve come leaps and bounds, 

but now we follow your feet. 

So, July 2nd, come together and cry,

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