Pride in London is proud to present a powerful film that traces the remarkable journey of London’s LGBT+ community, set to a powerful manifesto that celebrates our community’s diversity, inclusivity, resilience, and strength. The stirring film travels from the origins of Pride, marking the challenges the LGBT+ community has faced, celebrating our successes, and calling on the community to unite in the struggle for true equality. There will always be a Pride until the LGBT+ community is equal to the majority in every way.

The film is part of the visual campaign designed by Pride in London and WPP Unite, the LGBTQ+ community at WPP, the award-wining creative transformation company. This year’s campaign commemorates the 50th anniversary of the original pride march in the UK by uniting the collective past, present, and future of pride from every corner of London’s LGBT+ community, culminating with a powerful statement of shared experience: #AllOurPride. Created end-to-end exclusively by people from the LGBT+ community, the film conveys the diversity of the community’s experience, from people living with HIV who fought in the worst days of the epidemic, to transgender and gender diverse people leading the effort for safety and visibility.

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